Thursday, 2 April 2015

No launch for the book!

My first book ‘Mullaperiyar Water War’ which has been in the works for so long is finally out. I had originally planned an official launch by late January or February but had to give it up as I could not get a chief guest to preside over the function. The politicians, bureaucrats and even activists who know about the dam enough to speak about it refused to participate as they did not want to get themselves involved with this complicated issue. So, I decided to do away with a formal launch.
The book is available in most book shops and also on on Flipkart, Amazon and all other websites.
 When the riots broke out in Cumbum and Kumily over the safety of the Mullaperiyar Dam in 2012, I had been working as the City Editor of our Coimbatore edition and had been assigned to cover the violence. During the few weeks of reporting that I had done in Cumbum and Kumily in Kerala, I had witnessed extreme hostility from both Tamils and Keralites as I am a Malayali born and brought up in Chennai. Hence, neither group trusted me.
I had shared some of my experiences with a literary agent with whom I had been working on a different book upon my return from the riot coverage and the idea for this book was born then.
The book ‘Mullaperiyar Water War’ explores the 115-year-old history of one of the oldest and strongest dams in the country, the various conflicts and legal battles that have taken place between TN and Kerala over the safety of the dam through the past century, besides exploring the possible solutions to the conflict.
The book is written as a nonfiction narrative interspersing personal events and experiences along with historical facts and technical details of the dam. During my research for the book, I had met and interviewed dozens of farmers from Madurai and Theni districts, plantation owners and workers in Idukky district of Kerala as well as several prominent politicians and dam experts in both the states.

I am also attaching a link from the Rupa Publications website as well as Amazon and Flipkart. Please read my book and share your opinion on Amazon, Goodreads as well as in social media. Every little comment helps!!!!

This blog will contain updates on the issue as well as the book. I will also be printing excerpts from the book as a series. If you like what you read, please go ahead and purchase a copy. It won't disappoint. 

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